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About Communication Research Associates
Communication Research Associates, Inc., has been advising professional communicators and their organizations since 1979. CRA's services include:
  • amplifying communication research through publications such as Media Report to Women (owned by CRA and edited by Sheila Gibbons) and Public Relations Review (edited by CRA president and Review founder Ray E. Hiebert)
  • planning communication programs
  • communication audits
  • market research
  • issues management
  • editorial support (interviewing, writing, editing)
  • publication consulting
  • media analysis
  • visibility strategies and awareness campaigns

Media Report to Women Editor Sheila Gibbons has been studying the interaction of women and media since the early 1970s. She is the co-author of Taking Their Place: A Documentary History of Women and Journalism (Strata Publishing) and, with Ray Hiebert, of Exploring Mass Media: Past, Present, Future (Lawrence Erlbaum). Sheila is the former director of public affairs for Gannett Co., Inc., where she was also a news editor. She has also edited a special-market women's magazine and taught journalism at the University of Maryland.

Ray Hiebert, publisher of Media Report to Women, is professor and dean emeritus of journalism at the University of Maryland. A specialist in international communication and public relations, Ray also chaired the journalism department at The American University in Washington, D.C. He has taught and conducted journalism training in Eastern and Central Europe, Africa and Asia. He is also the founding editor of the Public Relations Review.

Ray and Sheila are president and vice president, respectively, of Communication Research Associates, Inc.

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